Digital Art

Cat in a window frame.
June 2020, tweet

Gespenst in einer Schale (Ghost In A Shell).
April 2020, tweet

Anglerfish Mermaid.
sometimes your home is not where the colors are
sometimes you belong where darkness reigns
March 2020, tweet

Just the jellyfish from the last image.
March 2020

A medival fantasy city.
March 2020 tweet

A bronce dragon.
March 2020, tweet

The lineart for the bronce dragon.
March 2020, tweet

Nase, eine Karpfenart für #animalmarch on twitter.
March 2020, tweet

This is artwork for a friend 'Fleder'. It is a Flederkatze which more or less translates to batcat.
Mai 2019, tweet

Eine Wunscharbeit für Pia Backmann: Roswitha, ein Drache, der in ihrem Roman "Der elbische Patient" vorkommt. September 2018.

Ebracing tear patterns in Emoceans, for #Farbrurar 2020

Quintopant, October 2019.

Tea ghost, September 2019.

Another avatar for one of my followers on twitter. Bird and snake were the hints.
Mai 2019.

This and the following three images are the first I created with my graphic tablet. January 2018.

silence of fear, December 2017

December 2017

December 2017