Queer Topics

I am non-binary trans. My preferred name in the context of art is ‘karlabyrinth’ or just ‘kar’. My preferred pronoun in English is ‘they’. In German you can choose whatever pronoun you like. I have a slight preference for mixed pronouns but I understand that this is not so easy for most people. I have no strong feelings about German pronouns.
I however have strong feelings about gendered terms. I feel uncomfortable if people use terms like ‘woman’ or ‘lady’ or in German ‘Physikerin’. I like for example ‘person’ and ‘sey hat Physik studiert’. (‘sey’ is a neutral German pronoun I like. You can find a story where it is used in Stories - ‘Nimm mich in den Arm, aber fass mich dabei nicht an’)
Here I will provide a limited set of articles concerning being non-binary. I want to share some expieriences to give hope and also some how-tos if you face the same problems, I do. If you need some help or information feel free to write an email. If you do so out of interest and respecting the topic, I will gladly answer.