Here I publish my stories. They are written in German.
It was and still is an overwhelming feeling to have my own book printed in my hands.

If you want to print it yourself, here are some instructions:
I chose wir-machen-druck, the pdf MyrieZangeDieSymmetrieDerSchneeflocken.pdf for the pages, where I had to remove the first two of them, and the print cover, converted to a cmyk color map as desired by wir-machen-druck. I chose softcover, 468 pages, A5 80g Recyclingpapier, Umschlag Mattfolie.
One print would be 16,98€ but printing 5 copies already results in a price less then 6€ per copy.

  • Erotik
  • Flucht durch das Skagerrak
  • Myrie Zange
  • Myrie Pliers (English version)
  • Poems